Ghayat abides by the inspirational values from the Middle Eastern way of life. The inception of Ghayat designs is a culmination of natural Arabian soothing environment and sophisticated concrete structures. We hereby celebrate a campaign to exhibit the complexity of our year long research oriented treasures.

Black Ghayat Shirt

On a retrospective take on fashion in the dynamism of Middle East, we often witness the pavement of dark tone foundational values in converse to clean pristine structures. Where there is light, there is darkness on the other side. Incorporating our Black traditional designer shirts with an enlightenment to our surroundings we can truly claim to have dived for a pearl. A black pearl that have formed out of natural incidents.

Navy Blue Ghayat Shirt

Most of the Middle East is blessed with a clear sky with various tones of beauty in blue. In contrast to the smooth textures of sand dunes, a natural wonder, promises an everlasting life for our Navy Blue traditional designer shirt. On a closer look, the color blends with the tough environments that holds a heritage value of approximately five thousand years. A vast land that yet needs to be explored, a mystery that yet exemplify strength, a tale that yet to be told.

 Light Yellow Ghayat Shirt

Waves of land, subtlety in existence, extreme in creation, sand dunes are a blessing of Middle East. Our Light Yellow traditional designer shirt is derived from the shifting carpet of Mother Nature. As it provides adrenaline from exploration of highs and low, we guarantee a statement. A statement that portrays the qualities of sand dunes. Smooth texture, soothing comfort, anti-wrinkle, all-event and many more. A blessing to be indulged in.