Peace Collection by GHAYAT

Peace Collection by GHAYAT

Peace Collection is a design concept invented by the founders of Ghayat. The basic ideology is to create exclusive fashion pieces that are highly adaptable to your daily environments.

As a representative of the Middle East's first-ever luxury brand, it was our pleasure to introduce Women's Collection into our Exclusive brand.

Peace Collection is available in Pure White Exclusive Ghayat fabric. The color White represents Peace and Harmony. Two elements that are dominant in the culture of the Middle East.

The Middle East's main reason for transforming into a significant trade hub is the people's generosity. There is always a hand in need of help. From which millions of ex-pats make their living in peace and harmony. Our collection depicts this very own perspective of the general culture.

Peace Collection is a strong foundation towards diversifying a strong fashion culture present in the Middle East. By starting with a multi adaptable design concept, Ghayat will be able to shift towards any trend in the fashion world.

Ghayat will indeed be the true representation of the luxurious Arab Fashion Culture in the Middle East.